How Can I Help Now?

Because we are a new group, your immediate donation will help us secure and remodel a space to house our artist studios and classrooms. Another way you can help is to get word out about ARTFUL. If you have not done so already, PLEASE join our Facebook page, or encourage your friends and family to do so. We update this page frequently with current information, and events. Also be sure to follow our Blog where we share in depth information about what we are working on. We are also on Twitter and Instagram. Word of mouth is one of the greatest gifts you can give us. And if you are an artist, or know of an artists who may be interested in renting studio space from us, or working with us, please send them to our Artist Page. In addition to monetary donations, we will be seeking out volunteers to help us with construction, classes, retail, etc., as well as in-kind donations. To express your interest in these areas, please visit our Contact page.

Thank you to Deanna Bremer Fisher and the entire board of Future Heights for working with us, and ultimately agreeing to serve as our Fiscal Agent. This is an important step for ARTFUL and we are grateful for you support, knowledge and interest. We look forward to a lasting friendship with Future Heights, and all of you as we make ARTFUL come to fruition.