How Do I Make A Donation?

The ARTFUL team is currently working on our Fundraising Plan. Our goal is to release this plan, and put it into action later in February. This plan will spell out how and why you should consider making a donation to ARTFUL. While we are partnered with Future Heights for Fiscal Agency, you can think of us being like a “Program” of Future Heights.

Donations will be made out to Future Heights with a notation of designation for ARTFUL. The easiest way to make a donation is by using the online portal. Once on that page, the donor can choose the amount they want to donate and the frequency.

THE IMPORTANT PART is to be sure to choose “ARTFUL” under drop down box titled “I want my donation to be designated toward”. This drop down box is located in the section for Special Purpose donations.


As we work towards completion of our full fundraising plan, we will share with you all the ways in which you can monetarily give support to ARTFUL. Donations made via our partnership are tax deductible according to standard rules and practices.

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