Shannon Morris .

Executive Director

Shannon blurs the boundaries of art and life to summon the beauty of everyday living. Informed by both fine art and the formal elements of design, Shannon’s practice spans a variety of media including printmaking, fiber art, installation, industrial/interior design, painting and sculpture. Formally trained as a photographer, Shannon transforms interior and exterior spaces by repurposing found objects and materials and by carefully selecting textures, prints and paint to reframe the ambiance of any given room. Marked by the whimsy of imagination and a sophisticated, economical approach to creative design, the spaces Shannon remodels are permeated by comfort and calm; above all, Shannon believes that our surroundings should channel one’s personality in a visually pleasing way. Her inspirations are wide ranging and include discarded objects, old postcards, vintage wallpaper, and the sleek, practical simplicity of 20th century modernism. Her creative approach to life and art is highlighted in her popular blog

Shannon lives and works in Cleveland Heights, OH, with her husband Adam, her two daughters and their puppy, Loki.