Who, what, where, when, why

About ARTFUL .

ARTFUL is on a mission to bring affordable, quality studio space to the Heights area, home to the largest population of artists in Greater Cleveland. We will provide a space that is unique, vibrant and attractive to area residents and businesses. Our founding committee consists of artists, educators, professionals, and local business owners, all with strong ties to the area. We bring with us artistic passion, a love for our community, and a vision for making The Heights even more ARTFUL.


Why The Heights ?

Asked to specify which communities or neighborhoods were most preferred, Cleveland Heights, Tremont, and Lakewood stand out as most mentioned, but Shaker Heights, Detroit Shoreway and downtown Cleveland also were noted

The greatest concentration of all artists is in the near eastern suburbs, centering on the neighborhoods in Cleveland Heights

Most disciplines (arts) exhibit high density in the University Circle/Little Italy neighborhood and in the neighborhoods in the “Heights” suburbs (Cleveland Heights, Shaker Heights, and University Heights)

The county’s artist sector is largely concentrated in two areas – Cleveland Heights ( 17.9% of all respondents), and Lakewood ( I 0.6%). Among Cleveland’s other neighborhoods, Shaker Heights (4.3%) and Rocky River (2.6%) had the highest responses

Two-thirds (area artists) say they prefer living in neighborhoods with a high concentration of fellow artists

Almost a quarter of artists practice their art outside the home in rented space

Half (area artists) agree that they are open to moving their primary residence, and that they prefer to conduct art-related work outside their home, if space is appropriate, cost-effective and available

Important neighborhood attributes for responding artists include safety, walkable, proximity to other artists, basic shopping, galleries and performance venues, and racial/cultural diversity



Strong committee with even stronger ties to the community and a robust network

Momentum and interest of community including local artists & creators, community members and local businesses

Have support and encouragement of other Heights area non-profits, as well as Greater Cleveland area non-profits

Have a Development Committee and committed volunteers including financial advisors, attorneys, art educators, artists and local business leaders


What ARTFUL Hopes to Bring to The Heights Community .

Affordable studio space for local artists and creators

Community art lessons

Provide resources to ARTFUL artists to support their business practices and marketing

Re-energize the belief that Cleveland Heights is “Home To The Arts”

Develop a true partnership with interested parties – building owner, artists, community members, area non-profits and local Government

Bring together community, businesses and government to achieve a new “buzz” about the vitality of the inner-ring and near-east suburbs

Promote East side as offering similar, but better features, especially in the arts, as growing West side area & prevent “brain drain” and “creative drain” by providing an exciting, creative atmosphere

Play off of proximity to Cultural Center of Cleveland

Event space available for rent (will hopefully include outdoor space)

Create more foot traffic in economically vulnerable section of Cleveland Heights

Work together with other area studios, galleries and organizations to leverage the power of the arts & culture sector in the Greater Cleveland area

Curated Gallery – showcasing local, regional and national artists. This gallery will also foster an educational program where students, interns and artists will learn aspects of art as a business

Retail space featuring ARTFUL artists and local creators & online retail presence

Coordinate loyal shopper program with area retailers and restaurants

HEIGHTS NIGHTS – a coordinated evening of open studios and galleries with a shuttle that rotates between ARTFUL, Cedar/Lee area and Coventry area, and other participating districts

heARTFUL Program – Yoga in the yard, and other healthy living activities

Outreach program & internships with soon-to-be, or recent graduates from Cleveland Institute of Art and other area art programs