Give PEACE a chance. Rally for PEACE.

May 16, 2022, 5pm at Heights Library Main Branch, 2345 Lee Rd., Cleveland Heights

We are opposing:
The Heights Library Board of Trustees’ plan to hire an unnecessary, expensive, outside management company for the Coventry PEACE Campus.

We want :
The Board of Trustees to honor their agreement and fulfill the promise they made to the community. Reverse course and sign the long-term lease with CPC.


Show up May 16th 5:00 to Rally for PEACE

Stay and sign up to speak at 6:30 Board of Trustees’ meeting


Coventry PEACE Inc. is a 501(c)3 founded for on-site, dedicated management of The Coventry PEACE Building, and has been doing so effectively and voluntarily for three years. We do not need an overpriced management company from downtown to come in and take over, raising the tenants’ rents. We have been entrusted with the community’s long-time vision for this space and it is time to hand it over as agreed and let us do our work. 


A fiscally responsible, sustainable and creative plan has been developed over years of tenancy in the building. We satisfied all aspects of our lease agreement. At the 11th hour that meticulous plan was dismissed and publicly defamed by Heights Library’s leadership.


We believe the Library Board of Trustees was influenced by Leadership to interpret our proposal in a negative and false light, and that needs to be rectified. Meet with us and make it right. 

For questions and inquiries, please email Shannon Morris.


It looks like the Library Board is poised to vote to approve the final contract with an outside facility manager to take over opearations of the Coventry PEACE Building from Coventry PEACE, Inc., adding a minimum of an additional $33,000/yr for services that Coventry PEACE Campus provides for FREE, under the leadership of our own Shannon Morris who is the current ON-SITE facility manager. We have presented the Library leadership with multiple alternatives that have the potential to be compromises for all involved but they will not meet with us for a full back-and-forth discussion on these, or any other matters. Our recent review of the public records we received in response to our records request has unveiled concerning plans they may have for the future of the property. For more details on how you can help that evening, and to stay apprised of what we are learning as we review the documents we have received so far, please be sure you have joined our email list.


Let the leadership of the Library know where you stand on this issue. Join the hundreds of other supporters who are letting their voice be heard. The Coventry PEACE Campus is a vital part of the Heights community. We are deeply disappointed that the Cleveland Heights-University Heights Library Board of Trustees does not trust the women who lead this successful, self-sustaining asset to chart their own course forward. The library board is refusing to meet with them; wasting time and taxpayer money on an unnecessary “feasibility” study and a private management contract; and incurring new costs that will threaten the stability of this important, community-supported project. It’s time for the board to reverse this misguided course, and either grant the long-term lease that was originally promised, or sell the building to CPC. Either of these moves solves all the problems of both parties. The library board’s next steps will factor into our decisions the next time we’re asked to vote on a levy.


Let the Library Board and our other local leaders know you support our efforts, or share with them any concerns or questions you may have.

Coventry PEACE Campus has created an easy form which will automatically mail your note to each Library Board member, Cleveland Heights City Council and Mayor, University Heights City Council and Mayor, and the CH-UH School Board.

Did you know that the CHUH School Board appoints the members of the Library Board? Did you know the University Heights mayor has attended many of our events, yet the Cleveland Heights mayor has not attended any? Did you know there is a quarterly meeting between the Library Board, the CHUH School Board and the City Councils of Cleveland Heights and University Heights? Let these public representatives know what your thoughts are regarding the state of the Coventry PEACE Campus project.

ARTFUL’s 5 Year Retrospective

What a journey we have been on! Looking back on the last five years we are reminded of the generosity and kindness of our community. We would not be where we are today without the support and love of the people of the Heights and our artists. Enjoy this retrospective that tells the story of where ARTFUL began, and where we are today.


Establish and nurture affordable space that supports and educates artists in their mission to create, sell and display their art while making creativity and inspiration more accessible to the community at large. 


24 art studios.

ARTFUL has 24 studio spaces that are available for rent to local artists. We are one of the only multi-tenant art spaces in greater Cleveland that is handicap-accessible, and our walls are constructed of a special antimicrobial material.


Large flex space.

In addition to our private studios, ARTFUL also features a large open work space. This space is available for our artists, classes and community gatherings. It can also be utilized by our artists for collaborations and large projects.


Classes and workshops.

Many ARTFUL artists teach small and private classes in their studios, while outside artist often make use of our Flex Space for teaching classes. Subjects include ceramics, home school art classes, painting and more!

Events Calendar

Come see what we’re up to… check out our events calendar.

We are located on the
upper level of the 
Coventry P.E.A.C.E. Building.

2843 Washington Blvd.
Cleveland Heights, OH. 44118

The Coventry P.E.A.C.E. Building is the former Coventry Elementary School. It now houses multiple local nonprofits, which operate the building as a cooperative. We work hand-in-hand with these organizations on programming and special events. Many of our artists have either partnered, or utilized their services. We are proud to be serving at the Partner Level of the Coventry P.E.A.C.E. Campus project. P.E.A.C.E. stands for “People Enhancing A Community’s Environment”. Together with our neighbors in the building, we offer wonderful opportunities for our artists and local community members to continue to learn and grow.

Find us on social media.

Facebook: Artful Cleveland

Instagram: @artful_cleveland

Twitter: @artfulcleveland