Why the Heights?

  • The greatest concentration of all artists is in the near eastern suburbs, centering on the neighborhoods in Cleveland Heights
  • Most disciplines (arts) exhibit high density in the University Circle/Little Italy neighborhood and in the neighborhoods in the “Heights” suburbs (Cleveland Heights, Shaker Heights, and University Heights)
  • The county’s artist sector is largely concentrated in two areas – Cleveland Heights (17.9% of all respondents), and Lakewood (I0.6%). Among Cleveland’s other neighborhoods, Shaker Heights (4.3%) and Rocky River (2.6%) had the highest responses
  • Two-thirds (area artists) say they prefer living in neighborhoods with a high concentration of fellow artists
  • Almost a quarter of artists practice their art outside the home in rented space
  • Half (area artists) agree that they are open to moving their primary residence, and that they prefer to conduct art-related work outside their home, if space is appropriate, cost-effective and available
  • Important neighborhood attributes for responding artists include safety, walkable, proximity to other artists, basic shopping, galleries and performance venues, and racial/cultural diversity

Coventry P.E.A.C.E Campus.

ARTFUL was thrilled to find such a wonderful space in the former Coventry Elementary School building. Not only did it meet all our physical needs, but it was also home to several other wonderful nonprofits. The proximity to these organizations has allowed us to partner with them on some spectacular events, and we have been able to learn from their experience. This location has allowed ARTFUL to grow in ways we could not have on our own, and has expanded our ability to serve our community.

Visit the Coventry PEACE Campus website to learn more.

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