We’re now accepting rental applications!

Just under 2 years ago, Shannon held a small gathering to gauge the community’s interest in building affordable art studios in the Heights area. The idea took on some steam and we ran with it. All the research, and all the hard work has led us to this point. We’re THRILLED to announce that we are now accepting rental applications for our ARTFUL studios located in the Coventry School Building!

We have 18 studios ranging in size from apx. 90 sf, on up to apx. 260 sf, as well as a flex room to be used for classes, lectures, shows and special events. One of our larger studios has been set aside as a shared space, at a discounted rate, for those who are current college students, or recent graduates. We are offering the remainder of the studios at a discounted rate for our initial artists. We encourage you to download the Rental Application Packet and read it thoroughly. Details regarding the application process, costs, etc., are discussed in this packet. Further questions can be sent to application@artfulcleveland.org.

In celebration of being at the point where we are able to start renting to local artists, we will be holding a Grand Opening Celebration on March 11. We will be releasing further details regarding this celebration in the next few days.

And we must take a quick moment to thank all of our generous donors. Their kindness has allowed us to move as quickly as possible to bring these studios to fruition. We are so grateful for their help! Thank you.

If you would like to make a donation today, please visit our Donation Page.


Good luck to all and thank you for your interest!


Progress Update

BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS ARE COMING! If you’ve been following along on social media, then you know we have been busy building out our studio spaces. And behind the scenes we have been at work finalizing all the forms and information that will be needed to begin our leasing process for the studios. Over the next few days we will be releasing information on how artists can apply for a studio rental, so please be sure to fill out our interested artist form if you have not already, so you can be included on our emails. We will also be posting the required information and links on our social media accounts, as well as right here in our blog. Additionally, we are excited to tell you that in the next few days we will also be announcing a Grand Opening celebration to be held in conjunction with our 2 year anniversary. (Hint – mark your calendars for March, 11, 2017).

And now – back to work we go!