Progress Update

BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS ARE COMING! If you’ve been following along on social media, then you know we have been busy building out our studio spaces. And behind the scenes we have been at work finalizing all the forms and information that will be needed to begin our leasing process for the studios. Over the next few days we will be releasing information on how artists can apply for a studio rental, so please be sure to fill out our interested artist form if you have not already, so you can be included on our emails. We will also be posting the required information and links on our social media accounts, as well as right here in our blog. Additionally, we are¬†excited to tell you that in the next few days we will also be announcing a Grand Opening celebration to be held in conjunction with our 2 year anniversary. (Hint – mark your calendars for March, 11, 2017).

And now – back to work we go!

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Brady Dindia

A native of Shaker Heights, Brady now resides in University Heights. Together with her husband, they run a small design firm called A BCD Creative. After a discussion with Shannon in the winter of 2015, she decided to put her heart and soul into the ARTFUL project and now serves as the Board President. A graduate of Fine Arts from Kent State, Brady looks forward to getting back to her painting and the prospect of learning from new artists.

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