We wanted to find a way to say Happy Valentine’s Day to our supporters that reflects our creativity and could easily be passed on. So we reached out to one of our biggest supporters, Adam Bruma. As always, Adam accepted our challenge and created a fantastic little video showing you how to make an origami heart. Watch the video and make your own. And please feel free to share your creations with us by posting a photo or video of your own. Be sure to use the hashtag #ARTFULheart.

If you like what you see and origami looks like something you want to explore further, then be sure to sign up for one of Adam’s upcoming classes at the Coventry Branch of the Cleveland Heights Library on either March 26th or April 9th.

Also keep your eyes open for Adam’s work at MIX at CMA in the fall. We will have more details regarding this event in the months to come.

THANKS ADAM! And happy Valentine’s Day to all of our creative supporters.